24x7 Managed IT Services

Easing the management of your Infrastructure

Our managed services can provide you with the flexibility of outsourcing your entire infrastructure or portions for database, middleware, operating systems and applications. We offer on a 24x7 basis Monitoring, Administration, Performance Management, Production Application Support and Migration services that will help reduce your IT cost and improve the performance of your assets. Subscription based services can be tailored to your specific needs at predictable cost in order to meet your operational goals and objectives.

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Software Development Services

MBI Solutions Big Data / Business Intelligence Practice

The data explosion is no longer news. Is your data working for you? Are you able to harness the volume of data to capitalize on analytics? Companies are capturing petabytes of information about their customers, suppliers, and operations, along with millions of networked mobile phones creating and communicating data. If your organization is like many, you desire to capture and share more data from more sources than ever before. As a result, you’re facing the challenge of managing high-velocity, high-volume data streams quickly and analytically. MBI’s software development methodology can revolve around your vision. We have a reference architecture that can create a platform suited for your company’s future growth.

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