Managed IT Services

Capacity Management

Utilize your existing tools or leveraging our acclaimed facilities to provide: analysis, forecasting, modeling, and reporting capabilities to implement a continuous, comprehensive, and structured capacity management process.

We can speed you through the complex and time-consuming process for deploying the appropriate management infrastructure by leveraging our strategic partnerships and experience working with capacity and performance solutions in different environments.

Holistic capacity management for data center resources including the interdependence of infrastructure resources such as CPU-Memory-IO-Network constraints. Maintain Business-aware capacity planning to manage IT capacity from a business perspective, relating metric statistics (% CPU) to business objectives such as batch window SLA performance or maximizing the customer experience. A partial list of resources includes:

  • Physical servers
  • Virtual servers
  • Databases
  • Storage
  • Applications
  • Middleware
  • Facilities
  • On prem/cloud cost scenarios

We offer automated capacity analysis, reporting, and planning across a multitude of data sources. Based on business requirements, the question of capacity can be as broad as the data center or as narrow as several servers supporting a critical application for a department.

We span the spectrum of IT resource optimization solutions while supporting particular service performance and capacity planning requirements. Supported solutions may include:


  • Capacity Planning for Targeted Applications
  • Utilization and Capacity Reporting (link to “Visualization” page below)
  • Performance and Tuning Recommendations (link to ‘Database Performance Management” page below)
  • Predictive Modeling using “What If” Scenarios
  • Impact analysis using business key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Capacity Analysis and Management
  • Performance and Capacity Database (CDB) Development
  • Identifying resource bottlenecks which constrain performance
  • Cost containing expensive resources

Cloud Cost Scenarios

Cloud Capacity planning is extremely important to controlling your costs.  This offering can provide the vital information to determine if the cloud resources are just enough or if you are potentially overpaying for resources that are not necessary to meet your cyclical business needs.  Capacity planning provides the infrastructure to flex for the peak and normal times of your business cycle to give you the control to dynamically change your spend to support your needs.  Cloud offerings are meant to be dynamically/demand adjustable, but most companies don't make these adjustments and leave their systems at peak infrastructure while paying too much year after year for their Cloud services as a result.