Managed IT Services

Performance Management

Our services are 100% focused on Database Performance and Stability related initiatives, tasks and issues for all major DBMS platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, Netezza, MySQL) delivered  remotely & in concert with our customer's staff.

Our experienced DB performance tuning specialists can target any combination of our customer’s specific pain-points,be they…

REACTIVE – troubleshooting performance issues currently affecting the stability of the DBMS environments

PROACTIVE –  identifying & tuning long-running or inefficient transactions consuming an excessive amount of resources

BEST PRACTICES – end user & developer training on writing efficient SQL and job streams; DBMS system-level tweaks

PERFORMANCE BY DESIGN – performance input on new project design and architectural activities

Whether it’s a…

Team initiative targeting a business critical application for deep-dive performance analysis

Individual “gun slinger” proactively seeking out and tuning inefficient transactions and processes

Performance Advisor offering best practice recommendations to project development teams


Our DB tuning recommendations will…

Reduce runtimes & resource usage

Resolve errors & issues

Limit or avoid system performance degradation

Strategy and Objectives

MBI’s Performance Management process identifies, prevents, and mitigates risk associated with poor performance or performance failures. Ultimately, the objective of MBI’s Service, Vendor Performance Management process, is to improve the performance of all parties involved in the service contract and to demonstrate oversight of our service controls and procedures. These process objectives will be accomplished by:
• Establishing a formal schedule for service evaluations.
• Defining specific service performance criteria and verification procedures
• Identifying all exposures and risks present at service vendors.
• Recommending service vendor improvement opportunities. 

Customer Testonial: 

"MBI is a catalyst to help you shift to a much more cost-effective and manageable operating paradigm."

"MBI Identify's trends and opportunities that will materially affect systems performance and add value to your operations. MBI tie together technical experts to the information produced by monitoring and visualization services, producing database and operating system performance and tuning recommendations."

Are you satisfied with the number of ad hoc fire drills that consume the valuable time of your staff?

Services are delivered remotely as a subscription service and provide complete performance management of database and operating system environments and include:

  • Performance data collected around the clock as a persistent source for trending and support for problem diagnostics.
  • Analysis of the metrics captured from your systems
  • Proactive search for opportunities and potential issues
  • Specific, categorized, and prioritized performance recommendations based on this analysis
  • Visualization and Trending (link to “Visualization” page) services to track and report on the impact of recommendations
  • Regular status reports and reviews with your staff to discuss and evaluate potential performance enhancements by your domain experts