Big Data

The data explosion is no longer news. Companies are capturing trillions of bytes of information about their customers, suppliers, and operations, along with millions of networked mobile phones and automobiles creating and communicating data. If your organization is like many, you’re capturing and sharing more data from more sources than ever before. As a result, you’re facing the challenge of managing high-volume and high-velocity data streams quickly and analytically.

What is astounding is how few enterprises are prepared to use their data to make sound, fast business decisions. Even with millions of dollars invested in data and its storage, 77% of executives surveyed said they do not have real-time information to make key business decisions according to a recent McKinsey survey.

While the volume and variety of business data is growing at an accelerated rate. More and more business data is being identified as mission critical, data availability and response time expectations continue to rise. Consumers, End Users and Customers today expect instantaneous response and 100% uptime - meeting these expectations is difficult. Deploying and running reliable and highly scalable transactional database systems can be expensive and time consuming.

Tomorrow's most successful organizations will need to discover new insights from both traditional and non-traditional data sources of data quickly and inexpensively. In order to accomplish this IT and their Business peers must establish a cohesive and lasting relationship. This is critical to all aspects of the Big Data environment is designed and established to meet the requirements and long term goals that the business expects to realize from the undertaking.

When companies require assistance in designing, setting up, tuning or supporting their Big Data solutions, MBI’s BI Practice has the expertise and experience that is designed to facilitate, expedite and support customers in these key strategic undertakings. Of significant importance in any Big Data initiative is planning and preparing for the post trial (or POC) rollout of your Big Data infrastructure. Capacities planning for the near and long term are critical to not only getting your system to production, but keeping up with the demand for resources and growth as your users begin to expand the use of Big Data.

Whether you are just beginning a big data initiative or already have one underway, MBI can assist with its experienced resources and service packages. Our packaged solutions services are targeted to address customer requirements in each major phase of the Big Data project life cycle. From concept to long term support our services can be custom tailored to individual customer requirements and goals.

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