Monitoring and Event Management

By leveraging our experience, MBI Solutions can help you significantly reduce the deployment time and management costs required to establish and run an effective monitoring infrastructure in your environment or under a subscription service. This means time-to-value can begin in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

We also offer full lifecycle event, escalation, and case management services, insuring best practices and work-flows to be certain your database, middleware and operating system operations remain running and stable on a 24x7 basis.

Our services provide complete management of your monitoring infrastructure including:

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Management of your existing monitoring infrastructure
  • Architecture planning and development of custom monitoring solutions, including software (if desired)
  • Complete database, middleware and operating system monitoring
  • ...or any combination of the above

Choice of Monitoring Approaches

  • Agent-based deployment, configuration, and support (in-depth monitoring)
  • Agentless (reduced footprint, fewer resources)
  • Synthetic end-user response time web transactions

Threshold Management

  • Monitoring thresholds based upon specific needs
  • Adjustment of thresholds as necessary

Event Management

  • Installation and configuration of event management infrastructure
  • Customized filters, rules, black-out windows, etc.
  • Customized escalation paths and methods.

Operation Procedures

  • Development of customized operational procedures for your environment
  • Knowledge transfer to your staff to manage the infrastructure (if desired)


  • All of the aspects of the service described above may be mixed and matched to suit your particular needs.
  • The core infrastructure for this service can either be hosted and managed by MBI Solutions or deployed directly within your environment and transitioned back to your employees to best meet your business and operational requirements.