Staff Augmentation & Consulting Services

MBI Solutions would like to partner with you to meet your business' supplemental staffing needs.


Traditional project based outsourcing has merit under certain circumstances. We can provide highly qualified resources for short-term projects with finite deliverables.


However, if your supplemental staffing needs are continuous rather than one-time and you would like predictable fixed costs, adopting a co-sourcing model may offer your business the most advantages. MBI Solutions will short list candidates and present them to you for interviewing and approval. That leads to better control the over quality of resources, which leads to improved predictability of work quality and timeliness.

Your dedicated team will build up a knowledge base specific to your business operations, software tools & products or services and maintain valuable relationships with resources within your organization. Team members are an extension of your employee base and gain a sense of ownership and accountability for successes as well as failures. Since the team understands your products & services there is no ramp-up time required for new projects and initiatives as they are already aligned with your strategic direction.